10,000 Famous Freemasons: Vol. IV by William R. Denslow

By William R. Denslow

This can be quantity 4 of 4. This very infrequent and lengthy out of print biographical paintings is a needs to for any Mason with a wish for Masonic study. this isn't a photocopy of the unique paintings, yet a very new, re-type set version. whereas a couple of editorial adjustments were made the paintings is for the main half because it used to be whilst first released. the biggest switch is the addenda that was once on the finish of the 4th version. The addenda was once a set of corrections and additions to the paintings. we've integrated the corrections and additions into the paintings itself elimination the necessity for the addenda. do not forget: it is a 4 ebook set with every one e-book bought individually. The ISBNs are: 1887560319, 1887560793, 1887560424 & 1887560068.

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Regardless, though, few Masons relish the thought of someone else suffering. The precepts of Masonry encourage toleration and forbearance. Masonry supports the concept that it is far better to help someone up than to kick them down. For that reason alone, we will perhaps never be able to be understood by those who enjoy the sufferings of their fellow human beings! htm (1 of 2) [7/3/02 2:08:50 PM] Masons ARE Perfect Are all Masons perfect? No, they aren't... but most are striving to be better! While imitation has been called the sincerest form of flattery, we were shocked and a bit dismayed when, in October, 2000, we found the following announcement in an online mailing list in which we participate: "Brethren I have received the following article which is part of "The Keystone Communicator" (Volume 10, Issue 6) which is a Bi-Monthly Publication of Keystone Lodge No.

However according to a Mason in Washington DC, his late exImperial Majesty (HIM), the King of Kings and the Light of the Aryans, would NEVER deign to even be made a Freemason at sight, let alone go through all the ritual. This Mason writes "However, the younger of his two sons from his 3rd wife is a Freemason. Few exiled Freemasons from Iran know, or will confess, that a bunch of bootlickers among them (in order not to render the then ruling Shah further paranoid about the Freemasons and their supposed ties to the over-feared British) decided to have HIM personally pick the Grand Master (GM) of the Grand Lodge of Iran (GLI).

On this page, we'll debunk some of the myths. William Jefferson Clinton - the 42nd President of the United States, he was only the second President to be impeached, having been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Some argue that the act was one of political hatred while others point to provable and admitted egregious misdeeds. Mr. Clinton's career had many scandals which came to light in the bright glare of the Presidential spotlight. He has been disbarred from practicing law before the U.

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