A New World Order by Anne Marie Slaughter

By Anne Marie Slaughter

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Studies in Modern Religions, Religious Movements and the Babi-Baha'I Faiths (Studies in the History of Religions) (Numen Books: Studies in the History of Religions)

During this e-book top students give a contribution accomplished stories of the non secular events within the past due 18th and nineteenth centuries: the Hassidic pursuits in Judaism, the Mormon faith, in Christianity, and the Bābī-Bahā'ī faiths in Shī'te Islam. The experiences, brought by means of the editor's research of the underlying universal resource of this non secular task, lead the reader right into a wealthy global of messianism, millenniarism and eschatological notion fueling the serious sleek advancements within the 3 significant monotheistic religions.

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Synopsis The tendency of non secular authority to hunt to dominate instead of serve, and the fight of these who desire to hinder the erosion in their God-given freedom of judgment of right and wrong -- those shape the center of the very own and candid account in situation of judgment of right and wrong. The scene of fight is in the club of a particular faith: Jehovah's Witnesses.

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In the process, they could help rebuild states ravaged by conflict, weakened by poverty, disease, and privatization, or stalled in a transition from dictatorship to democracy. If transgovernmental organizations of judges, regulators, or legislators had formal status at the level of international law, they could adopt formal membership criteria and standards of conduct that would create many more pressure points for the global community to act upon a wayward state, but also many more INTRODUCTION 35 incentives and sources of support for national government officials aspiring to be full members of the global community yet so often lacking capacity or political and material reinforcement in the domestic struggle against corruption or the arbitrary and often concentrated use of power.

It would be up to the members of the executive branch, the judiciary, and the legislature. And in a world in which violations of international law increasingly carry individual penalties, such obligations could make themselves felt. I explore these ideas further in the conclusion. This book is intended to help readers see and appreciate an actual world order that is emerging and to imagine what could be achieved in a world latticed by countless horizontal and vertical government networks. It would be a world of disaggregated state institutions interacting with one another alongside unitary states and unitary state organizations.

Its component institutions—regulators, judges, and even legislators—are all reaching out beyond national borders in various ways, finding that their once “domestic” jobs have a growing international dimension. As they venture into foreign territory, they encounter their foreign counterparts—regulators, judges, and legislators— and create horizontal networks, concluding memoranda of understanding to govern their relations, instituting regular meetings, and even creating their own transgovernmental organizations.

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