A Newly Discovered Greek Father : Cassian the Sabaite by Panayiotis Tzamalikos

By Panayiotis Tzamalikos

A serious version an historic manuscript, which has led to discovery of Cassian the Sabaite, whom Medieval forgery extinguished, by way of attributing seriously interpolated Latin translations of this Greek unique to a figment referred to as 'John Cassian'. This erudite Sabaite highbrow is Pseudo-Caesarius and the writer of Pseudo Didymus' De Trinitate.

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V121: ἄθλους  πρὸ πάντων V121: πρῶτον πάντων  κοιν ο βίοις Cod. κοινωβίοισ  ἐπιτελοῦσιν ταύτην M. & V121: ταύτην ἐπιτελοῦσι  Συναγ ο µένων Cod. συναγωµένων  τ ὸ αὐτ ὸ Cod. τῶ αὐτῶ  τελει ω θῇ Cod. τελειοθῆ  γονυκλ ι σίαν Cod. γονυκλησίαν.  πρὸς ὀλίγον … γονυκλισίᾳ εὐχόµενοι So V121. Wotke wrongly read, πρὸς ὀλίγον πάλιν ἀρχόµενοι 15 † THE BOOK OF MONK CASSIAN 1r 1v Monk Cassian the Roman, To Bishop Castor: On the Rules and Regulations of the Coenobia in the East and Egypt Since you have enjoined me, o you most blessed father Castor, to report to you about the regulations holding both on the Eastern Coenobia, and especially those in Egypt, of which I have been an eyewitness myself, I have now sent this concise (ὡς ἐν ὀλίγῳ) discourse to you in compliance with your command; so that those who have been with God’s blessing gathered in your new monastery in order to pursue virtue, have these rules and other regulations as a recourse.

V121: ᾗ  προειρήκαµεν M. εἰρήκαµεν. V121: προειρήκαµεν – ἀκριβείᾳ δοκιµασθῆ καὶ ἄµεµπτος εὑρεθῇ M. ἀκριβείᾳ δοκιµασθῆ … εὑρεθῇ, οὐ καὶ ἄµεµπτος εὑρεθῇ V121: ἀκριβείᾳ δοκιµασθῆ οὐ  δοκιµασθῆ Cod. δοκιµασθείη  προστάσσεται Wotke did not read προστάσσεται which though does exist in V121  ἐξυπηρετήσ ῃ Cod. ἐξυπηρετήσει  συναριθµ εῖ ται Cod.  τῇ συνοδίᾳ … τὴν µέριµναν M. λοιπὸν τῇ συνοδία τῶν ἀδελφῶν καὶ παραδίδοται. V121: λοιπὸν τῇ συνοδίᾳ τῶν ἀδελφῶν ὃς ταύτην ἔχει τὴν µέριµναν καὶ παραδίδοται – τ ῶ ν ἀδελφ ῶ ν Cod.

23 See RCR, pp. 259; 382. Also, infra, p. 403. introduction 15 surrounding hostility against Origen, Didymus, Evagrius, even Theodoret, he felt that he could entertain his amazing erudition (both Greek and Christian) only implicitly. That dark age of caesaropapism and despotism allowed for nothing better than that. This is the reason why his Scholia in Apocalypsin have no author-name at all. This is also why his monastic texts make use of the Classical lore of philosophy, poetry, prose, along with the Late Antique sequel of that glorious age, in an oblique and covert manner, which the present edition has strove to decipher and cast light upon.

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