Adventure Guide Honduras & The Bay Islands by Maria Fiallos

By Maria Fiallos

Honduras is a wonderland of Maya ruins, cloud forests packed with toucans, monkeys and jaguars, tiny villages perched on hillsides. and costs are astonishingly low. Copan is the following, the first Maya cultural middle from four hundred to 800 advert. The Bay Islands with their incredible coral reefs entice divers from world wide. the writer stocks inside of info - way more beneficial and revealing than the other advisor. city and neighborhood maps, photographs, index.

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Both the Miskito and Tawahka are keen on conserving their cultures and have managed to integrate bilingual programs (Spanish/Miskito or Tawahka) into the local educational systems. As with all the native tribes in Honduras, these groups are plagued by land tenancy issues, government neglect, and economic isolation. But the Tawahka, perhaps due to their reduced numbers, have been more successful in establishing their rights to ancestral lands through a congressional decree establishing the Tawahka Biosphere Reserve, for which they have a communal title.

The Upper or Over-Story: The over-story is the crown of emergents or giant trees, which soars from 130 to 250 feet (40 to 75 m) above the canopy. Only one or two emergents usually occur per acre of rainforest. Harpy eagles live in the upper-story, where they build huge nests of sticks and branches in the tallest trees. One of the largest eagles in the world, a harpy eagle can measure four feet tall and weigh up to 20 pounds with a wingspan up to seven feet. Their feet are as big as a man’s hand and their talons as long as a grizzly bear’s.

It also eats birds and small mammals. The jaguarondi is a diurnal species and a ground dweller, usually not climbing trees; when they do, they don’t climb high, just resting in tree branches, but hunting on the ground. Pumas: Found throughout the Americas, pumas tend to be different colors depending on where they live. Although over 30 subspecies of pumas have been described, today only six are known to exist. This large cat can weigh almost 250 pounds and measure more than 100 inches in length.

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