Air Power - Naval, Military, Commercial by C. Grahamme-White, H. Harper

By C. Grahamme-White, H. Harper

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With a heavy load, cannot fly so fast or manoeuvre so quickly as the lightly-laden craft which attack it, and which have no long distance to fly, for they are operating above their own territory. The defensive machine, in fact, which may require only to ascend and patrol in the neighbour- THE WAR BY AIR hood 37 own aerodrome, is at a very considercan be built for speed; it needs only a minimum of fuel; what weight it does carry can be devoted mainly to its offensive of its able advantage. And It heavily-loaded bombdropping craft, while on a long-distance raid over armament.

When it has to difficulty fly with an aeroplane, a long distance by night, to steer an accurate course, and is also to identify the target on which bombs are to be dropped. This may lead to a haphazard and ineffective bombardment, such as has occurred when raiding airships have failed to pick out any definite mark, and have dropped bombs at random. In a short-distance aeroplane raid, when no excessive loads of fuel have to be carried, and the machines of a squadron are better able to keep in touch with each other, the risks and difficulties are reduced.

Their motors will be so silenced that at anything like a high altitude the machine will be inaudible from the ground. It may be found possible also though problems of complexity are involved to treat the surfaces of a machine so that, when it is at any distance from the ground, it is practically invisible against the background of the sky. machines which are both silent and can be produced and it would be foolish to use the word impossible in any such connection then the destructive power of an If raiding invisible air attack, if made ruthlessly by numbers of machines, operating in squadrons over an enemy's territory, is better imagined than described.

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