Aircraft Safety: Accident Investigations, Analyses, & by Shari Krause

By Shari Krause

* This world wide bestseller makes use of case stories to envision and clarify airplane injuries and incidents

* Covers 5 serious problem reasons: human components, climate, mid-air collisions, mechanical failure, runway incursions

* NEW TO THIS variation: Chapters on Monitoring/Managing Cockpit habit and Spatial Disorientation; 27 new case reviews; 25% new illustrations

* up to date facts and statistics throughout

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Go on to Situation 2. d. Invulnerable. Thinking that nothing will happen to you shows an invulnerable tendency. Go back to Situation 1 and select another option. e. Resignation. By assuming that what you do has no effect on the passenger, the pilot is illustrating a tendency toward resignation. Go back to Situation 1 and select another option. Situation 2 You have been cleared for an approach to a poorly lighted airport. You are not sure if this is the airfield where you want to land. The surrounding buildings do not look familiar, but it has been more than a year since your last visit.

D. Invulnerability. ” Go back to Situation 1 and select another option. e. Anti-authority. Pilots who resent using appropriate safety precautions show an anti-authority attitude. Go back to Situation 1 and select another option. Situation 2 The weather forecast calls for freezing rain. En route you notice ice accumulating on the wings. You are not sure what to do because you Judgment and Decision-Making have never encountered this problem before. Because the airplane is still flying well, you are tempted to do nothing.

The pilot will feel compelled to “lean” in the intended direction, banking the aircraft to “correct” the misperception. In reality, the aircraft never physically banked in the opposite direction, so the pilot in reality overbanks the aircraft. Experienced pilots safely fly through the leans by referencing their flight instruments or using a reference outside of the cockpit, such as the horizon. SOMATOGRAVIC ILLUSIONS Somatogravic illusions occur when linear acceleration stimulates the otolith organs.

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