Alternative concepts of God: essays on the metaphysics of by Andrei A. Buckareff, Yujin Nagasawa

By Andrei A. Buckareff, Yujin Nagasawa

The idea that of God in accordance with conventional Judeo-Christian-Islamic theism minimally comprises the next theses: (i) there's one God; (ii) God is an omniscient, all-powerful, and morally ideal agent; (iii) God is the writer ex nihilo of the universe and the sustainer of all that exists; and (iv) God is an immaterial substance that's ontologically distinctive from the universe. Proponents of different concepts Read more...


in line with conventional Judeo-Christian-Islamic theism, God is an omniscient, all-powerful, and morally excellent agent. This quantity indicates that philosophy of faith must take seriously Read more...

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In that case, the conceivability of disembodied existence establishes a presumption for the possibility of disembodied existence and hence for the spiritual nature of the self. PAM itself, unlike Naturalism, has no prior commitment concerning the correct account of the unity of consciousness. Therefore, PAM enthusiasts should accept the Self as a precedent for a spiritual God if and only if: (1) the unity of consciousness cannot be explained without appealing to a, perhaps short-lived, Self; and 7 For an account of Space-time (or more accurately the Aether) based on adjacency see (Forrest 2012).

The neurophysiology of body-awareness is complicated but there is nothing mysterious about the brain’s capacity to represent the body much as it is. 7 I conclude that the best human precedent for the nature of the divine mind is body-awareness. Assuming God is aware of the universe, this implies that God knows it like we know our bodies. Hence we may take the Universe to be the divine body and pantheism follows if there is no spiritual component to God. 7. Does the Unity of Consciousness Imply a Spiritual Self?

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