Anisotropic Elastic Plates by Chyanbin Hwu

By Chyanbin Hwu

As structural parts, anisotropic elastic plates locate extensive functions in smooth expertise. The plates listed here are thought of to be subjected not to merely inplane load but additionally transverse load. In different phrases, either aircraft and plate bending difficulties in addition to the stretching-bending coupling difficulties are all defined during this book.

In addition to the advent of the speculation of anisotropic elasticity, a number of very important topics have are mentioned during this publication resembling interfaces, cracks, holes, inclusions, touch difficulties, piezoelectric fabrics, thermoelastic difficulties and boundary point analysis.

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Because the general expressions for the stresses and displacements are written in terms of the unknown functions fk (zk ), it is now better to express the boundary conditions in terms of fk (zk ). 28) where (ˆtx ,ˆty , 0) are the tractions prescribed along the boundary. As shown in Fig. 1 the normal vector n of the boundary surface can be expressed by 38 2 Lekhnitskii Formalism n Fig. 29) where tangential direction s is chosen such that when one faces the direction of increasing s the material lies on the right side.

69) for the transformed stiffness components can be obtained. 71) sin3 θ cos θ , sin3 θ cos θ sin θ cos3 θ . To describe the overall properties and macromechanical behavior of a laminate, the most popular way is the classical lamination theory (Jones, 1974). According to the observation of actual mechanical behavior of laminates, following assumptions are made in this theory: (a) The laminate consists of perfectly bonded laminae and the bonds are infinitesimally thin as well as non-shear deformable.

40), we have u = U(x, y) − ω3 y + u0 , v = V(x, y) + ω3 x + v0 , w = w0 . 41) Consequently, γyz = γxz = εz = 0, and on the basis of the equations of the generalized Hook’s law, τxz = τyz = 0 and σz = − 1 (S13 σx + S23 σy + S36 τxy ). 43a) in which L4 is the differential operator of the fourth order which has the form 4 ∂4 ∂4 ∂4 ∂4 ˆ 11 ∂ . 44a) zk = x + μk y, k = 1, 2. 45) and are assumed to be distinct. In the case of repeated root such as an isotropic body whose μ1 = μ2 = i, the general solution should be expressed as φ = 2 Re{φ1 (z1 ) + z1 φ2 (z1 )} + φ (p) .

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