Antimony: Its history, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, by Ch'ung-yu Wang

By Ch'ung-yu Wang

A Metallurgical paintings in English through a chinese language writer is rare; yet lengthy place of abode in the United States, and in England and different elements of Europe, and masses research of English literature, have familiarised me with the language, and feature inspired me to make it the medium for providing my paintings to the English-speaking public: and that i wish to exhibit my due to Messrs Charles Griffin & Co. for the chance they've got afforded me of doing so.

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If powdered metallic antimony is added to a chlorate, it burns, forming SbCl5. It is colourless, and boils at 140° under the ordinary atmospheric pressure. Its specific density at 20° = 2-346. SCl4. PCl5. SeOCl2. POCl3. 3C6H6NO2. SbCl5. C5HSO.. (C2H5)2O. Ho0. 8H2O. H2O. 2NH8. 9H20. 9H2O. 4NH3. —This cannot be produced in a pure form. 2H20. 4H2O. H2O. —This is obtained by heating antimony at 130° with an excess of iodine, It is dark brown, and melts at 78°-79°. —When metallic antimony is treated with nitric acid, the pentoxide is formed.

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Streak reddish brown. Opaque. —In the Harz. Cervantite. Sb205. —Orthoiiombic. In acicular crystals. Also massive. H. = 4-5. G. =4-084. Lustre greasy or pearly, bright or earthy. Colour yellow or nearly white. Streak yellowish white to white. Before blowpipe, infusible and unaltered. —A product of alteration of other antimonial ores. At Cervantes in Galicia, Spain; Chazelles in Auvergne; Felsobanya, Eremnitz in Hungary; Pereta in Tuscany; also in Cornwall, Borneo, Mexico, Quebec, and California.

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