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We all know we have to increase our conventional college process, either private and non-private. yet how? extra homework? Better-qualified academics? Longer college days or university years? extra trying out? extra investment? No, no, no, no, and no. Montessori insanity! explains why the incremental steps politicians and directors proceed to suggest are incremental steps within the flawed path.

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When I was 17, I started to smoke cigarettes. Just three years earlier, my dad had nearly died from heart disease exacerbated by smoking and notwithstanding the emotional trauma that should have galvanized me against smoking for all eternity, I tried it. I hated the taste of it the first time. In fact, I hated the taste for the first hundred times I smoked cigarettes, but my desire to appear cool in front of my friends helped to switch off my body screaming at me to never do this crazy thing ever again.

For several seconds both Lawrence and I were overwhelmed by a scene of deep natural beauty and peace and what made it a moment of greater meaning for us both was that we had appreciated it together. This moment of my life, which will be similar to moments that you will have had, is important to illustrate the meaning of happiness and well-being as I intend to use them throughout this book. Lawrence was not totally happy. He took drugs to mask his feelings of unhappiness and his infrequent bursts of anger revealed a person who was at the mercy of turbulence and yet in that moment he was overwhelmed by the sight of the fox and was unusually open about the way that it had moved him.

Bloblike, amorphous, obese humans who have smaller ears, smaller fingers and who are barely able to stand upright. The lack of challenge and adversity also seems to have led to a dullness of intellect. Whilst this is a parody, there is quite a bit of truth in it. In the West, we enjoy surplus food and we don’t have to cover vast distances on foot any more. Drugs can be taken to mask us from reality or we can bathe ourselves in the soothing cathode glow of the television. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a natural consequence of living in accordance with our body’s demands.

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