At the Beach by Cathy Beylon

By Cathy Beylon

30 больших изображений: На пляже, книжка-раскраска. Thirty huge, ready-to-color photos of an afternoon on the seashore depict mum and dad packing the automobile, Sis speaking to a lifeguard, and extra.

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On may possibly 6, 1937, the prestigious airship Hindenburg stuck fireplace in the course of its touchdown in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 humans. A German zeppelin, the Hindenburg used to be the biggest airship ever equipped. It made quite a few transatlantic trips, supplying passengers convenience and comfort throughout the years of the good melancholy.

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Claire and I were talking before bed, which we've been doing ah lot lately, and—” She paused for effect. Claire nodded in agreement. Massie continued. ” Massie looked for her mother's reaction first, because it was the only one that mattered. Kendra presided over all things related to the house, school (before, during, and after), spending money, sleepovers, punishments, and food. Her dad only stepped in when it came to grades, curfews, and loud music that needed to be turned down. Kendra had a delicate white mug with gold trim raised to her lips but put it down before taking a sip.

Todd slapped his hand against his faded jeans. ” But all he got in return were heavy sighs, stomping feet, and slamming doors. HARDAPPLE ORCHARDS HAYRIDE 11:15 AM October 24th The rickety Hardapple Orchards wagon jerked and wobbled as it rolled over the clumps of hay and horse poo that covered the trails. The entire seventh-grade class struggled to keep their hot chocolate from spilling all over the rough wool blankets that covered them. Massie fixed her gaze on the passing apple trees and thought about how she'd get back at Becca Wilder.

Thanks for your help. I'll unpack them,” Judi said. ” “Yeah, it's at four o'clock,” Claire said. ” After inhaling two bowls of Cap'n Crunch, Claire headed over to the main house. According to her pink Baby G-Shock, she was five minutes early. She rang the doorbell three times, hoping to get a few minutes of costume talk with Massie before Landon arrived. “Claire, I'm glad you finally made it,” Kendra said while she took Claire's coat. ” The hallway was warm and toasty compared to the crisp October air, and Claire felt her cheeks tingling as they thawed.

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