Atomic Theory for Students of Metallurgy by W Hume-Rothery

By W Hume-Rothery

This booklet offers vintage introductions to the electron concept of metals.

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The complete catalytic cycle is reported in Scheme 1. 3 Synthesis of o,o¢-Differently Substituted Vinylarenes Much greater difficulties were met in the attempt to prepare vinylarenes containing different alkyl chains in the ortho position. Using different alkyl iodides all the possible combinations of the ortho substituents were obtained. To achieve a selective reaction we started from iodoarenes containing an ortho substituent and added the second ortho substituent through the reaction of an alkyl iodide with the norbornene-derived palladacycle.

Catellani M, Ferioli L (1996) Synthesis 769 24. (a) Catellani M, Marmiroli B, Fagnola MC,Acquotti D (1996) J Organomet Chem 507:157; (b) Liu C-H, Li C-S, Cheng C-H (1994) Organometallics 13:18 25. (a) Bocelli G, Catellani M, Chiusoli GP, Larocca S (1984) J Organomet Chem 265:C9; (b) Catellani M, Chiusoli GP, Ricotti S, Sabini F (1985) Gazz Chim It 115:685; (c) Catellani M, Cugini F, Bocelli G (1998) J Organomet Chem 584:63 26. Markies BA,Wijkens P, Kooijman H, Spek AL, Boersma J, van Koten G (1992) J Chem Soc Chem Commun 1420 27.

A brief description of the progress of related direct arylation of unsaturated compounds with arenes is also given. Keywords Aryl halides · Arylation · Palladium catalysts · Aromatic compounds · Carbonyl compounds 1 Introduction The palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling of aryl halides with organometallic reagents is now recognized to be one of the most useful methods for the functionalization of aromatic compounds accompanied by carbon–carbon bond formation [1–3]. The Suzuki–Miyaura and Kosugi–Migita–Stille reactions of 56 M.

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