Australian Rainforests: Islands of Green in a Land of Fire by D. M. J. S. Bowman

By D. M. J. S. Bowman

Why do Australian rainforests take place as islands in the immense tracts of Eucalyptus? Why is fireplace a serious ecological consider each Australian panorama? What have been the results of using fireplace via the Ice Age colonists? during this unique and hard e-book, David Bowman seriously examines all hypotheses which have been complex to reply to those questions. He demonstrates that fireplace is the main severe consider controlling the distribution of rainforest all through Australia. additionally, whereas Aboriginal humans used hearth to skillfully deal with and safeguard habitats, he concludes that they didn't considerably impact the evolution of Australia's targeted wildlife. This quantity, the 1st complete evaluation of the varied literature in this subject, solves the puzzle of the archipelago of rainforest habitats in Australia. it really is crucial studying for all ecologists, foresters, conservation biologists, and others drawn to the biogeography and ecology of Australian rainforests.

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1991). These authors deWned tropical rainforest as occurring in climates where there are no more than two months that receive less than 60 mm of rainfall, while monsoon forest occurs where there are at least three months with less than 60 mm of rainfall. Rainforest defined by a priori description An alternative strategy to deWne rainforest has been to produce an a priori description of its physiognomy. 4). This deWnition was not rigid, however, as Schimper realised that the rainforest is less luxuriant in subtropical and temperate zones.

The aim of this book is to subject them to critical analysis to determine if there is a general explanation for the continentwide fragmentary distribution of Australian rainforest. 2 What is Australian rainforest? The Europeans who colonised Australia had no conceptual frame with which to deal with the vast tracts of evergreen native vegetation that they came to, at Wrst disparagingly, then aVectionately, call ‘bush’. The place name ‘Botany Bay’ attests to the impact that the ‘strange’ Australian Xora had on the earlier explorers.

1990). Because sclerophyll foliage is not necessarily related to drought stress, many authors classify sclerophyllous leaves as being ‘xeromorphic’ rather than possessing xerophytic adaptations (Beadle 1966; Seddon 1974). Seddon (1974) reviewed the concepts of xerophytes, xeromorphs and sclerophylls and concluded that the two terms xeromorph and sclerophyll have converged to become eVectively synonymous. For instance, Beadle (1966) occasionally referred to sclerophylls as ‘extreme xeromorphs’. The use of the term 51 Measurement sclerophyll free of any connotations of drought avoidance eliminates the ‘terminological absurdity’ (Webb 1960) associated with the term ‘wet sclerophyll forest’ that has wide currency in Australia.

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