Australia's Little Space Travellers: The Flight Shaped by Don McColl

By Don McColl

This e-book offers a exhibit for the highly well-preserved flight-textured tektites of southern Australia, that are the world’s most interesting recognized examples. It offers an outline in their varieties and flight positive aspects, that are anticipated to seem, at the least partly, on any items falling from house. a few of these specimens are so completely formed that it really is challenging to think that they've been buried within the contemporary strata of Australia for 770,000 years. It additionally discusses the historical past of the tale in their really good flight into area and go back turning into largely authorised, which ended in them being well-known as area tourists. extra, it describes their classical shapes and provides a proof of ways every one built. It offers creditors, meteoriticists, and museum curators with insights into the dazzling kinds of Australian tektites produced through hypersonic flight.

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UDJPHQWRIDERXWKDOIDGHWDFKHGIODQJHZLWKWZRGURSOHWVRIIRUPHUO\PROWHQJODVVIUR]HQLQSURFHVVRIVHSDUDWLQJ IURPWKHHGJHRIWKHIODQJH6FDOHLVLQPLOOLPHWUHV Miniature Flanged Forms Minitektites can assume some very unusual shapes, as the following examples illustrate. No explanation is offered to explain such remarkable 43 oddities, except that perhaps they were initiated by unusual forms of the ablated glass droplets separating from the parent tektite. 7ZRH[WUHPHO\XQXVXDOPLQLWHNWLWHVHDFKZHLJKLQJOHVVWKDQDJUDP7KHULJKWKDQGVSHFLPHQLVKROORZLQVLGH 7KHVFDOHVDUHLQPLOOLPHWUHV $QRWKHUYHU\WLQ\DQGXQXVXDOPLQLWHNWLWHZKLFKKDVEHHQYHU\SODVWLFDWVRPHVWDJHRILWVIRUPDWLRQ ,WLVPPORQJDQGZHLJKVMXVWXQGHUPJ6FDOHLVDJDLQLQPLOOLPHWUHV 44 Australia’s Little Space Travellers: The Flight Shaped … Collectors with sharp eyes have found some amazingly tiny examples of these complete mini-tektites, although very little has been written about them.

The ­ following photograph shows a similar, but broken tektite which was found in a roadway. It has evidently been broken quite recently, probably during the local road-making operations, since the interior of the bubble shows the original high sheen of the formerly molten tektite glass. Much of the ­tektite exterior is chipped and broken with fresh fracture surfaces testifying to its unfortunately rough treatment, almost certainly from being tumbled along by the road grader. 52 Australia’s Little Space Travellers: The Flight Shaped … %URNHQWHNWLWHEXEEOHVKRZLQJWKHKLJKJORVVRIWKHQHZO\H[SRVHGJODVVRIWKH EXEEOHLQWHULRU6FDOHLVLQFHQWLPHWUHV DQGPLOOLPHWUHV Hollow tektites do sometimes indicate special aspects of their former tektite history, including the effects brought about during the adoption of their primary shapes, following the massive impact event which formed them.

Microtektites 45 0LQLDWXUHIODQJHGEXWWRQIURPVHGLPHQWVLQWKH&HQWUDO,QGLDQ2FHDQZLWKDQ $XVWUDOLDQPLQLWHNWLWHRIDSSUR[LPDWHO\ WKHVDPHGLPHQVLRQVIRUFRPSDULVRQ 3KRWRJUDSKFRXUWHV\RI 'U 06K\DP3UDVDG&6,51DWLRQDO,QVWLWXWHRI2FHDQRJUDSK\*RD,QGLD For many years scientists could not understand why these tiniest tektites of all could not also be found on land, and logically therefore almost anywhere in Southeast Asia. Their absence was generally explained by the suggestion that such tiny tektites might have been totally etched away, especially in the wet tropical soils of the equatorial regions.

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