Away by Teri Hall

By Teri Hall

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On may perhaps 6, 1937, the prestigious airship Hindenburg stuck hearth in the course of its touchdown in Lakehurst, New Jersey, killing 36 humans. A German zeppelin, the Hindenburg used to be the most important airship ever outfitted. It made quite a few transatlantic trips, providing passengers convenience and comfort through the years of the good melancholy.

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As they got closer Rachel could see it had been constructed from rocks, many years before, judging from the lichen and moss growing on it. Some sort of mortar blocked the cracks and crevices, but the stones were fit together so expertly that it looked like they would hold without any help. The door, which was emblazoned with the obligatory blue circles that every door in the camp seemed to have, was fashioned from a piece of sheet metal that didn’t fit the wooden door frame well. There was cloth bundled into the gap.

Rachel tried to read Pathik’s expression for news of his father, Malgam. He was the reason she had Crossed the Line; he’d fallen ill and the camp healer couldn’t help him. She’d helped Pathik bring medicine that the Others didn’t have. “Indigo said his fever broke last night. ” Pathik spoke quietly; most of the camp’s inhabitants were still sleeping. Indigo was Pathik’s grandfather, Malgam’s father. Rachel had seen his face many times before she actually met him; Ms. Moore, the lady for whom Rachel’s mother, Vivian, worked, had had a framed digim of him on her mantel.

She rose and began to clear the dishes. Elizabeth stood as well, and reached for a glass. “You go start in the greenhouse,” said Vivian. “You’ll only slow me down in here. ” “All right, come when you can, but no hurry. ” JONATHAN, MS. MOORE’S hired hand, was in the greenhouse, moving trays of orchid starts to the bench where Elizabeth and Vivian would pot them. He paused to watch Elizabeth approach. When she got inside the door he spoke. “Is Ms. ” “Maybe a bit less exhausted looking. ” Elizabeth shook her head.

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