Basic Manners by Ann Ingalls,Ronnie Rooney

By Ann Ingalls,Ronnie Rooney

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Miss Laney had just been hired, and now she was fired! It took us about a week to get over the shock. Teachers were getting fired left and right that week. Mrs. Yonkers, the computer teacher, was the next to go. Then Ms. Coco, the gifted and talented teacher, got fired a few days later. Even our vice principal, Mrs. Jafee, lost her job. It was depressing saying good-bye to them all. We were in class when Mrs. Patty announced that everybody had to go to the all-purpose room for a surprise assembly.

The studio audience cheered. ” I yelled. The TV camera pulled back. There was a lady sitting in a chair. She had dark hair. I leaned forward to see the TV better. The lady was… Miss Laney! ” we all started shrieking. ” Everybody was yelling and screaming and freaking out. “Okay! ” we all shouted. ” “Yes, Dickie,” said Miss Laney, “and I want to say hi to all the kids at Ella Mentry School. That’s who I’m playing for today. ” She waved at the camera. We waved back at the TV screen. ” said Dickie Blinkbarker.

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