Becoming American, Remaining Ethnic: The Case of by Matthew A. Jendian

By Matthew A. Jendian

Jendian presents a picture of the oldest Armenian neighborhood within the western usa. He explores assimilation and ethnicity throughout 4 generations and examines ethnic id and intermarriage. He examines cultural, structural, marital, and identificational assimilation for styles of switch (assimilation) and patience (ethnicity). Assimilation and ethnicity co-exist as , a little bit autonomous, tactics. Assimilation isn't a unilinear or zero-sum phenomenon, yet really multidimensional and multidirectional. destiny learn needs to comprehend the types ethnicity takes for various generations of other teams whereas studying styles of swap and patience for the fourth iteration and past.

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D. according to historians), with the declaration by Drtad the Great (Tiridates III), Armenia became the first nation-state to proclaim Christianity as the state religion. D. that its own, unique alphabet was created by Mesrob Mashdotz, initially including 36 letters (today, it has 38). The establishment of a written language opened the way for the production of original manuscripts and translations of foreign works, and, thus, the fifth century is regarded as the Golden Age of Armenian civilization for the mass of volumes that were produced.

Conversely, ecological models consider economics, population ratios, societal images, in-group socialization, historical legacies, and rules governing intergroup relations as mitigating factors of ethnic identity development (Miller 1992). For example, the boundaries between groups of relatively equal social status are typically less stringent than the boundaries between groups of unequal status (Blau, Blum, and Schwartz 1982; Van den Berghe 1967). Group size and concentration can also influence the probability and extent of intergroup contact and conflict, affecting marital assimilation and attitudinal/behavioral receptional assimilation (Monahan 1976).

But you won’t be long like that, brothers, for these are the fires of God you’ve come to—these are the fires of God. A fig for your feuds and vendettas! Germans and Frenchmen, Irishmen and Englishmen, Jews and Russians—into the Crucible with you all! God is making the American. … Yes, East and West, and North and South, the palm and the pine, the pole and the equator, the crescent and the cross—how the great Alchemist melts and fuses them together with his purging flame! Here they all unite to build the Republic of Man and the Kingdom of God.

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