Carbonate Reservoir Characterization: An Integrated Approach by F. Jerry Lucia

By F. Jerry Lucia

F. Jerry Lucia, operating in America’s major oil-rich nation, has produced a piece that is going after one of many holy grails of oil prospecting. One major aim in petroleum restoration is the outline of the third-dimensional distribution of petrophysical homes at the interwell scale in carbonate reservoirs. Doing so could increase functionality predictions via fluid-flow machine simulations. Lucia’s booklet makes a speciality of the advance of geological, petrophysical, and geostatistical equipment, describes the fundamental petrophysical houses, vital geology parameters, and rock materials from cores, and discusses their spatial distribution. A final bankruptcy offers with reservoir versions as an enter into stream simulators.

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The textures range from mudstone with an average crystal size of about 5 microns to mud-dominated packstone with peloids ranging in size from 80 microns to 300 microns. The data are concentrated in the <20 micron permeability field. The mudstones define the lower limit of this field whereas the mud-dominated packstones define the upper limit. Within the mud-dominated field the pore size and permeability are reduced in proportion to the decrease in interparticle porosity resulting from cementation and compaction.

Overpressuring is the most common abnormal pressure and is produced by (1) compaction during rapid burial, (2) tectonic 20 Chapter 1 Petrophysical Rock Properties compression, and (3) hydrocarbon generation and migration (Osborne and Swarbrick 1997). In extreme cases, fluid pressures can equal and even exceed overburden pressures. Uncommonly, pressures can be lower than hydrostatic. Underpressure is often related to erosional unloading that results in an increase in pore volume due to the elastic rebound of the sediment as the overburden is reduced (Bachu and Underschultz 1995).

3 Rock-Fabric/Petrophysical Classes Three rock fabric groups define the three petrophysical classes. Figure 19 illustrates the relationship between rock fabric and petrophysical classes. Grainstones, dolograinstones, and large crystalline dolostones all have similar petrophysical properties that are characterized by petrophysical class 1. Grain-dominated packstones, fine and medium crystalline grain-dominated 54 Chapter 2 Rock-Fabric Classification Fig. 18. Cross plot of porosity and water saturation for the three rock-fabric petrophysical classes at a reservoir height of 150 m (500 ft).

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