CareerCup: 150 Questions with 120 Solutions (For Software by Gayle Laakmann

string value END Write code to encode xml element (as char *) as Byte * FOLLOW UP Is there anything else you could do to (in many cases) compress this even further?

Game #1: You get one shot to make the hoop. Game #2: You get three shots and you have to make 2 of 3 shots. If p is the probability of making a particular shot, for which values of p should you pick one game or the other? id=1462 Question Two SOLUTION There are three ants on different vertices of a triangle. What is the probability of collision (between any two or all of them) if they start walking on the sides of the triangle? Similarly find the probability of collision with 'n' ants on an 'n' vertex polygon.

Can they call A and B at the same time? Can they call A and C at the same time? id=57337 Question Eight SOLUTION Suppose you are using a map in your program, how would you count the number of times the program calls the put() and get() function? id=58095 Tricky Classic Favorite © 2009 CareerCup Large Scale & Memory Limits Don’t be scared by these types of questions. Unless you claim to know how to design large systems, your interview probably won't expect you to know this stuff automatically. They just want to see how you tackle these problems.

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