Characterization of Corrosion Products on Steel Surfaces by Yoshio Waseda, Shigeru Suzuki

By Yoshio Waseda, Shigeru Suzuki

This e-book describes the elemental features of fabrics characterization for the ferric oxyhydroxides shaped on metal surfaces. chosen examples, from either the fundamental technology and the utilized engineering issues of view, are offered. Of particular curiosity is the recent structural info on ferric oxyhydroxides containing a small quantity of alloying components. The textual content relates this to their quite a few states and their function in corrosion processes.

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A proposed electronic energy band model for Cr and Fe-Cr alloys in sulphuric acid is roughly illustrated in Fig. 7. This electrode system has 40 Shinji Fujimoto, Hiroaki Tsuchiya Substrate Electrolyte Passive film Depleted state Valence band Depleted state Depleted state Conduction band Fig. 7. Schematic illustration showing electronic structure of duplex passive films formed on Fe-Cr alloys formed in sulphuric acid solution three interfaces: (I) substrate metal or alloy / inner oxide, (II) inner oxide / outer hydroxide, and (III) outer hydroxide / electrolyte, respectively.

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