Christianity and Civilisation - I - First Part: Foundations by Emil Brunner

By Emil Brunner

This e-book through Charles Scribner's Sons in 1948 is an element I or Foundations of the lectures given in 1947.

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This allembracing spirituality, so to say, toppled over; this excess evaporated like a kind of spiritual intoxication, and what remained was the depression of a barren materialism. The way that Marx and Feuerbach went is very instructive. The tenet, " The subject, Mind (Geist), is the truth ",changed into a vitivist anthropologism; the transcendental Ego changed into the psychological fact of empirical umsciiwsness of that man, who, taken as a whole, is part of this world of things. Feuerbach's famous thesis, " All theology is anthropology ","meant the complete desertion of the idealistic line.

The great promise of St. John's Gospel, that truth shall make us free, was not fulfilled by traditional Christianity, and still less by modem intellectualist conceptions of truth. Neither science nor the Christian dogma has proved to be the liberating power. Science stands bewildered and helpless before the ethical ar-d social chaos of our time. And the dogmatism of the Christian Church has discredited the truth of revelation and hidden it from those who seek a real solution of this chaos. But wherever the genuine, original truth of revelation in its New Testament purity and depth is grasped by, or rather gets hold of, 44 T H E PROBLEM OF T R U T H man, there forces of moral renewal and a spirit of communion are Created, which alone are capable of reuniting that selfdissolving human family and of solving the problems of society.

For Him there is no surprise. Everything that happens does so according to His eternal decree. God is eternal.

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