Christianity explained to Muslims: A manual for Christian by L. Bevan Jones

By L. Bevan Jones

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Tisdall, Muhammadan Objections to Christianity, Chap. VII. Goldsack, Muhammad and the Bible. Art. by the author on the Paraclete passages in the Fourth Gospel, The Moslem World quarterly, Vol. X, 1920. THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE SCRIPTURES 23 in this matter should not escape our notice. Though constantly asserting that our Scriptures have already been corrupted and in the manner and with the object just stated, it is amusing to find many of them still claiming that the Bible as it stands, the Bible so "corrupted" that they cannot accept its authority, contains numerous allusions to Muhammad.

4. Within these limits, we likewise observe God's over-ruling care in the recording, preservation and transmission throughout the centuries, of these ancient Scriptures. In this connection we need to remind ourselves of what we have already said, that for this task God used men; not faultless men, much less angels. When, then, our Muslim friends sometimes profess to treat the Bible as unauthentic and untrustworthy because there occur in the manuscripts in our possession variations in the text, it is well for us, as for them, that we frankly face certain facts: (a) The most conscientious scribe in the world, whether copying from a manuscript before him, or writing at the dictation of another, may blunder, through the mishearing or mis-rendering of a word, clause or sentence, as also through omission, addition or repetition.

It is from these that our modern scholars supply the world with the printed Greek text of the Old and New Testaments. These pre-Islamic MSS. give us the most reliable information as to the contents of the Bible at the time of Muhammad, because, as we shall indicate, they are known to have been in existence in his day, and, indeed, long before his birth. They can be seen by anyone who is able to make the journey to the museums where they are being preserved with the utmost care. e. ) (b) The Codex Sinaiticus, also in the British Museum, London; purchased in 1933 for £100,000.

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