Cinnabar and the Island of Shadows (The Fairy Chronicles) by J.H Sweet

By J.H Sweet

Within you is the ability to do anything

When seven infants are born with out shadows, the fairies worry that humankind could be wasting its closest companions!

Cinnabar and her pals need to commute by means of elf magic to arrive the mysterious and mystery Island of Shadows to aim and find the misplaced shadows. yet, as though that's not not easy sufficient, Madam Toad fears the shadows will not be simply lost, yet stolen! thankfully, the King and Queen of the Shadowmakers-and even their Griffin-are able to support struggle no matter what is responsible.

But the fairies should paintings speedy. with no the paranormal defense of shadows, all of mankind will quickly be defenseless.

What should you found you had magical fairy powers? Meet the women of The Fairy Chronicles, in a different way basic women such as you with distinctive presents. Their remarkable adventures will swap the realm!

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The Demon of Light has a chimera working for him. Both of them are very dangerous. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 46 As the fairies sat thinking about the Demon of Light and the chimera, and dreading the possibility of facing either or both of them, Dewberry interrupted their thoughts. “Well, that’s not exactly correct,” she said. “A chimera is any creature composed of two or more types of animals, birds, reptiles, etc. ” The rest of the fairies all looked at Dewberry admiringly. They knew that her special fairy gift was great knowledge, but they were very impressed that she was able to add something to the handbook’s definition.

They awoke to find that they were lying on a lonely stretch of rocky, sandy beach. Trace had watched over them for forty-five minutes until they safely came out of the spell. The fairies were amazed that elf travel was so instantaneous. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 40 forty-five minute sleep, they were slightly disoriented, looking around for a few moments and rubbing their eyes. As far as they remembered, they had just been at Fairy Circle a moment ago in the shade of the towering bald cypress tree.

There is a very serious problem we need to discuss, but I must give you a little background information and some details before we get to that. Some of you may already know why human beings have a shadow. If this is the case, please bear with me while I explain to the others. “Human shadows are unlike any other shadows on earth. qxd 12/14/07 4:40 PM Page 26 than animal, mountain, plant, cloud, insect, and building shadows. For starters, human shadows are much more complex. And they are the only shadows that are magically constructed.

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