Class 2 · Transferases VI: EC– by Professor Dietmar Schomburg, Dr. Ida Schomburg, Dr. Antje

By Professor Dietmar Schomburg, Dr. Ida Schomburg, Dr. Antje Chang (eds.)

Springer guide of Enzymes presents information on enzymes sufficiently good characterised. It bargains concise and entire descriptions of a few 5,000 enzymes and their program parts. facts sheets are prepared of their EC-Number series and the volumes themselves are prepared in keeping with enzyme classes.

This new, moment variation displays massive development in enzymology: many enzymes are newly categorised or reclassified. each one access is correlated with references and a number of resource organisms. New datafields are created: software and engineering (for the houses of enzymes the place the series has been changed). the full quantity of fabric inside the instruction manual has greater than doubled in order that the whole moment variation involves 39 volumes in addition to a Synonym Index. moreover, beginning in 2009, all newly categorised enzymes are handled in complement Volumes.

Springer guide of Enzymes is a perfect resource of data for researchers in biochemistry, biotechnology, natural and analytical chemistry, and nutrition sciences, in addition to for medicinal applications.

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32 Phytoene synthase 4 Enzyme Structure Molecular weight 43000 <1> (<1>, native PAGE [16]) [16] 200000 <1> (<1>, gel filtration [1,5]; <1>, phytoene synthesizing enzyme system, gel filtration [6]) [1, 5, 6] Subunits ? g. far-red light, the increase in PSY mRNA and protein levels are not accompanied by an increase in enzymatic activity. 32 membrane <1, 8> (<1>, peripheral plastid membrane [7]; <8>, the soluble enzyme is complexed and inactive, the membrane-bound enzyme is active [13]; <1>, membrane-associated.

2 A resolution by multiple isomorphous replacement with anomalous scattering [17]) [17] Cloning <2> (expression in Escherichia coli [16]; expression of mutant enzmyes W31F, W75F, W91F, W149F, W207F, and W221F as His-tag fusion proteins using Escherichia coli BL21 as host cells [22]) [16, 22] <4> (expression in Escherichia coli, no sequence similarity between E-prenyl diphosphate and Z-prenyl diphosphate synthases [16]; expression of mutant enzymes R197S, R203S and E216Q in Escherichia coli [19]; mutated enzymes are overproduced in Escherichia coli [20]) [16, 19, 20] <6> (expression in Escherichia coli.

Plant Mol. : Seed-specific overexpression of phytoene synthase: increase in carotenoids and other metabolic effects. : Evaluation of transgenic tomato plants expressing an additional phytoene synthase in a fruit-specific manner. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. : New target enzyme(s) for bisphosphonates: inhibition of geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase. Pestic. Biochem. 33 trans-Pentaprenyltranstransferase Natural substrates and products S farnesyl diphosphate + isopentenyl diphosphate <1> (<1>, probably produces the isoprenoid precursor for the biosynthesis of menaquinone-6 [2]; <1>, the enzyme produces (all-E)-hexaprenyl diphosphate, the precursor of the prenyl side chain of menaquinone-6 [7]) [2, 7] P diphosphate + all-trans-hexaprenyl diphosphate Substrates and products S (E,E,E)-geranylgeranyl diphosphate + isopentenyl diphosphate <1> (<1>, about 35% of the activity with (E,E)-farnesyl diphosphate [1]) (Reversibility: ?

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