Class Structure and Social Transformation by Berch Berberoglu

By Berch Berberoglu

The examine of sophistication constitution is important to the certainty of society and social transformation, as those are according to classification family and sophistication fight. This paintings offers a category research method of the learn of society and social relatives. The booklet presents a serious research of significant theories of inequality, an research of sophistication constitution in several societies, and the connection among classification, race, and gender.

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10 Marx and Engels conceptualized class at three different yet related levels: economic, social, and political. The first of these is identified as the foundation of class analysis, class-in-itself (Klasse-an-sich). , workers, peasants, landlords, capitalists). Structurally, then, class-in-itself is the logical outcome of the mode of production in all class societies. At the next, sociological, level is what can be referred to as social class. A class-in-itself becomes a social class only when there is a close relationship between the members of a particular class.

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9 Fifth-century Athens thus provides the first adequately documented example of a through-going popular government. Its popular character must not be exaggerated. In the first place women had no place in public life. . Secondly, citizenship was now a hereditary privilege from which resident aliens were rigorously excluded. . Finally, industry was based on slavery; even the small farmer generally owned a slave or two, and the majority of the employees in mines and factories . . were slaves.

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