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Unless otherwise agreed, transit service providers shall have the following obligations: a/ To receive the goods at import border-gates at the agreed time; b/ To carry out procedures to import and export the goods in transit into and out of the Vietnamese territory; c/ To be responsible for goods in transit in the course of transit through the Vietnamese territory: d/ To perform necessary jobs to minimize loss and/or damage to the goods in transit in the course of transit through the Vietnamese territory; e/ To pay assorted fees and charges and other financial obligations applicable to goods in transit as provided for by Vietnamese law; f/ To cooperate with competent state agencies of Vietnam in dealing with matters related to the goods in transit.

In the course of transit, any change of routes on which the transportation of goods in transit is allowed must be consented by the Transport Minister. - Transit by airways Transit by airways shall be carried out in accordance with treaties on aviation to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party. - Supervision of goods in transit Goods in transit through the Vietnamese territory shall be subject to the supervision by Vietnamese customs authorities throughout the course of transit.

Notification to persons with rights and obligations related to goods being objects of mortgage or pledge In cases where goods are objects of pledge or mortgage, auction organizers, simultaneously with posting up goods auctions, must notify persons with related rights and obligations within seven working days before such goods are auctioned according to the provisions of Article 197 of this Law. - Time limit for notification and posting up of goods auctions 1. Within seven working days before a goods auction is held, the auction organizer must post up the auction at the auction venue, the place of goods display and his/her/its head office according to the provisions of Article 197 of this Law.

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