Commercial greenhouse production in Alberta by James Calpas. Edmonton

By James Calpas. Edmonton

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Grossum cv. Kandil and 11B-14). Acta Horticulturae 366:293-300. Hansen, C. , J. Lynch and C. O. Ottosen. 1998. Response to phosphorus availability during vegetative and reproductive growth of chrysanthemum: I. Wholeplant carbon dioxide exchange. /. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132 (2):215-222. , N. Tremblay and A. Gosselin. 1994. Supplemental carbon dioxide and light improved tomato and pepper seedling growth and yield. HortScience 29(3):152-154. Hardgrove, M. R. 1992. Recirculation systems for greenhouse vegetables.

Water quality is determined by what is contained in the water at the source (well, dugout, town or city water supply) and the acidity or alkalinity of the water. 5 Manganese (Mn* + ) Water is a solvent, and as such, it can contain or hold a certain quantity of soluble salts in solution. Fertilizers, by their nature, are soluble salts, and growers dissolve fertilizers in water to obtain nutrient solutions to provide the plants with adequate nutrition. ++ Before using any source of water for crop production, it is important to have the water quality tested.

Calcium is also important for promoting strong tissues, fruit and mature growth. Shifting the feed program to favor potassium over nitrogen will direct the plant to be generative. Calcium is important in the equation in that it should always be approximately equal to the amount of nitrogen. 85 has shown to work well for cucumbers. to the plants. Injectors or ratio feeders are then used to "meter-out" the correct amount of fertilizer into the water that make up the nutrient solution going to the plants.

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