Comparative Biochemistry of Parasites by H. Van den Bossche

By H. Van den Bossche

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Bugs are nice lecture room examine organisms. they're effortless to gather and lift and feature a desirable array of lifestyles histories. simply because they're small and feature super reproductive means ecological experiences of dispersion, predation, parasitism and replica could be studied in compressed timeframes and small components relative to comparable reviews of bigger organisms.

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Nouvelles recherches sur les coccidies. A r c h . Z o o l . e x p t l . gén. Ser. 3, 2, 541 - 573. T R A G E R , W. 1932. A cellulase f r o m the symbiotic intestinal flagellates of termites and of the roach Cryptocercus punctulatus. Biochem. J. 2 6 , 1762 - 1 7 7 1 . A. M. 1 9 3 1 . The resistance and the blood sugar of animals infected w i t h Trypanosoma evansi. Philippine J. Sei. 45, 93 - 107. V A N ES, L. and S C H A L K , A . F . 1918. Sur la nature anaphylactique de l'intoxication parasitaire.

Table 2 shows the o p t i m u m requirements for " m a l i c e n z y m e " activity in homogenates f r o m M. expansa. The addition o f N A D P H t o the endogenous system had no effect on the i n c o r p o r a t i o n of CO2; independently, however, pyruvate and manganous ions doubled the endogenous rate. The greatest a c t i v i t y was observed w h e n b o t h pyruvate and manganous ions were included in the reaction m i x t u r e in the absence of p y r i d i n e nucleotide; the rate of incorporation of CO2 was elevated t o f o u r times that of the endogenous system.

Handbuch der Biochemie des Menschen und der Tiere 4, Part 2: 446 - 528. W E I N L A N D , E. 1913. Uber einige Aufgaben und Fragen der vergleichenden Physiologie. Sitzungsber. -Med. Sozietät Erlangen 45, 137 - 153. W E I N L A N D , E. 1925. Uber den Gehalt an einigen Stoffen beim Igel im Winterschlaf. Biochem. Z. 160, 66 - 74. W E I N L A N D , E. and von B R A N D , T. 1926. Beobachtungen an Fasciola 22 hepatica C O M P A R A T I V E B I O C H E M I S T R Y OF P A R A S I T E S (Stoffwechsel und Lebensweise).

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