Conquering the World: The War Scroll (1QM) Reconsidered by Brian Schultz

By Brian Schultz

Targeted in its style and content material, the "War Scroll (1QM)" offers a imaginative and prescient of an coming near near eschatological battle. even if initially interpreted as being the made from a unmarried writer from the Qumran Sect, the composition's inconsistencies quick ended in the view that it really is in truth an eclectic record with an intricate compositional historical past. but all such theories have been formulated ahead of the e-book of warfare Scroll-like texts from "Caves" four and eleven. A cautious re-evaluation of the warfare Scroll indicates in its place that what all started as a primitive and cohesive composition from the Hellenistic interval a couple of two-stage conquest of the realm used to be finally up to date with the intention to healthy the hot old realities confronted through the sectarians below Roman rule.

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2? 27 It contains a collection of various rules for war, liturgical sections, and battle narratives, much like in M. Yet what is immediately visible with this arrangement of 4Q491 fragments is that it cannot be a straight copy of M: frgs. 17–37 preserve material non extant in M, and while frgs. 1–16 parallel M in content, the sequence is different. For example, Baillet’s frgs. 1– 3:6–10 correspond roughly to 1QM 7:3–7 while his line 11 corresponds to 1QM 5:16–17 (see Table 2). At the very least, we are dealing here with a different version or recension of M.

Indeed, it is what enabled him to identify 4Q491C as a different composition altogether, something which is now universally accepted. Ironically, Florentino García Martínez who to my knowledge is the lone dissenter on this matter, nevertheless accepts Abegg’s division of 4Q491 into compositions A and B (“Old Texts and Modern Mirages: The ‘I’ of Two Qumran Hymns,” ETL [2002]: 321–39; Qumranica Minora I: Qumran Origins and Apocalypticism, ed. C. Tigchelaar, STDJ 63 [Leiden: Brill, 2007], 105–25).

There the author/editor, after leaving the end of line 11 empty, skipped an additional line before starting his new sentence, leaving a blank line between the two sections. Skipped lines are attested at 3:12, 5:15, 6:7, 7:8, 12:6, 16:2, 16:10, and 18:9. Here again, more skipped lines may have existed in the non extant portions at the bottom of the scroll. In a few instances, because of damage suffered by the scroll, it is impossible to determine whether just the end of a line, or all of it, was left blank.

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