Creation: From Nothing Until Now by Willem B. Drees

By Willem B. Drees

The place can we come from? the place are we going? those are primary questions, which the human race has requested itself for centuries.
Presenting a short and available assessment of up to date clinical suggestion, Creation is an creative and poetic exploration of the origins of the universe. WIllem Drees assesses the spiritual and philosophical impression of medical theories of evolution and the flora and fauna, and examines the altering dating among us and our planet.

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Reduction implies the contrary: the reduced phenomenon is real. Pain remains painful, even if at a different level of description pain is identified with certain nerves giving signals to the brain. If I go to see my doctor and she explains the processes that generate my pain, I am not embarrassed. To the contrary, when I come home I can say that my pain is real; I am not faking. Water remains water, even when its chemical composition is understood to be H2O. Reductionism is not a denial, but a form of integration, of understanding how various phenomena are part of a larger whole.

Out of these the father-in-law of Moses, Jethro, would come. The transition to agriculture resulted in the cohabitation of larger groups. It allowed for the emergence of cities, since farmers produced more than needed for their own families. These new technologies did not merely result in an economic transition; value systems had to change as well. Such new circumstances will have resulted in stress; stress which was resolved in modified rituals. The place and responsibilities of each individual in the social structure had to be indicated and internalized.

The properties at stake can be various: resistance to drought, alertness, sharper claws, a longer stem so that more light is captured, or a restriction to bare essentials, as in duckweed. Those individuals that happen to be better equipped for their environment will have, on the average, more descendants than less well-equipped individuals of the same kind. Features that are advantageous for the life of individuals will thus, in the long run, be on the rise in the history of life. Purposiveness is a consequence of such history.

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