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Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education

We all know we have to enhance our conventional college approach, either private and non-private. yet how? extra homework? Better-qualified lecturers? Longer tuition days or college years? extra checking out? extra investment? No, no, no, no, and no. Montessori insanity! explains why the incremental steps politicians and directors proceed to suggest are incremental steps within the flawed path.

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A barred viewing-hole is open and through the hole you can Bee stairs beyond, leadint upwards. Suddenly a noisefrombehind startlesyou and you swinground ju6t in time to seea huge wooden club descending on your forehead! The blow knocks you to your kneesand you must lose4 srAMrNA points. d. ' Your ruse has treen discoveted. His club is raised once more and you must defend yourself. Tum to q8. 55 The road out of Coven leads vou Dast a disused building. 'I buried something in this building before I entered Coven .

You pauseto get yourbearings and search for the best way through. For in the cavernwall to yout right ale two caves, and in a neat pile outside the firsl cave is a moundofbones some broken, someiust chewed. But iudging from the size of some of the bones, whatever was eatin8 them was no mere Half-Orc. Will you head for the caves to attack whatever is inside (turn to E8), or will you simply cross the cavem and seewhat happens (tum to 43o)? 78 You watch eachguardin tum and wait until they are pleoccupied with whipping the miserable creature8, when you are ableto move slowly acrossthe va8t chamberunnoticed.

If so, furn to 2o2. If not, tuln to 339. 51 51. You leave the room along a passageway which runs west, yo ur thoughts still dwelling on the mys terious smoke ceature. After a short time, you find that the passageis bending this way and that through the rocky earth. As you progress,glowstonesahead of you light up and bathe the area in an eerie blue light. When you look behind, you can seethat they magically turn themselves off. Again you hear the sound - and it is coming closerl Footsteps and muffled voices are heading towards you.

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