Dancing with Dragons: Invoke Their Ageless Wisdom & Power by D.J. Conway

By D.J. Conway

Why do all cultures, far-off and various, have comparable stories of dragons? common knowledge confirms dragons have interacted with humans in view that time immemorial―they name to us, pique our interest, and arouse our fears. those mystical beasts are genuine and their strength, their impression, and particularly their magick could be captured.  Building upon rituals and drawing on their strength, learn how to befriend those inspirational creatures and develop into companions with them on a non secular trip.  Move with them, study from them, dance in ideal  human/dragon syncopation.

"A particular, extraordinary tome and a welcome boost to the transforming into physique of metaphysical lore."―MIDWEST ebook assessment  

"A own devotion and an educational paintings of the top order."―THE DRAGON CHRONICLE (UK)

"Dragon-lovers in all places will like this book."―PREDICTION

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IitE: "If r-ou believe you can, or you ": b:iie',: '. n i. " \fe may not understand how these po\{ers and energies n'ork; we may not be able to describe them to anyone else; we will not be able to prove "scientifically" what they are. But we magicians know they exist. A magician believes in them because she/he sees the results of their use. Every magician who wishes to be effective in ritual and manifestation, who desires to grow and expand in knowledge, sooner or later comes to the conclusion that magick is a very serious practice.

Ersation with the dragon. Explain carefully and politely that you are attempting to remedy the situation, but at this time you just do not feel that the two of you can work positively together. Project as much good will as you can. The dragon will understand. I have never known a dragon to stay where it is not welcome. The first dragons I saw were the huge elemental ones who appeared one night about a week before we discovered that some 40 q ,4 q[ Seeking and Working with Dragons ilti\-e io',n-n rond :trol, lomtship e\-en Like- 3 \-OU il-ituugh I )ou rqork ; )-ou 'tisa ntrol d old rvho s, are u are tions A Black Dragon by Johann Melchior Dinginger, 1701-S ned:lully )ut at posiagon :itis rvho some bikers up the road were operating a meth lab.

This idea of destruction-resurrection extended to the Norse belief that Nidhogg stripped all corpses of their flesh. In the Northern regions, dragons were said to live in cold seas or misty lakes, storms, and fogs. when these were not available, dragons lurked in deep underground caverns, coming out when hungry or when there was a thunderstorm. Even after conversion to Christianity, the Scandinavians, especially the Norwegians, piaced carved dragon heads on the gables of their churches to guard against the elements, as for years they had guarded their ships with dragon-headed Prows.

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