Dark Light (Engines of Light, Book 2) by Ken MacLeod

By Ken MacLeod

A story of people In a Universe of Ubiquitous Alien Life

Intelligence, it seems, is rare—on planetary surfaces. It flourishes in all places else, from the Oort-cloud fringes of superstar platforms to the magma furnaces underneath planetary crusts. And one of the strongest of the galaxy’s intelligences, there are profound ameliorations of opinion approximately the best way to care for floor life-forms equivalent to human beings.

For, untold gentle years from Earth, the powers that rule the universe were, for millennia, plucking people (and different clever beings) from Earth and forcibly resettling them in a couple of superstar structures just about each other, leaving them to enhance on their lonesome. a number of generations in the past, a small cadre of people from Earth’s twenty first century arrived during this “Second Sphere” all alone power—the first people ever to take action. Their descendants have shaped the “Cosmonaut” category that dominates Mingulay. Now, 200 years later, Gregor Cairns and a small team of work-mates have rediscovered faster-than-light commute and traveled to the celebrity method round the corner. They’re decided to discover extra of the unique, mysteriously long-lived cosmonauts. they need solutions. And for these solutions, they intend to interrogate the gods.

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