Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard

By L. Ron Hubbard

Originally written and released in nationwide magazines to coincide with the discharge of Dianetics: the fashionable technological know-how of psychological healthiness, here's L. Ron Hubbard’s personal tale of his developmental path and two-decade trip to the invention of the Reactive Mind.

Evolution of a technological know-how includes the single account of:

  • How the optimal computing machine—the mind—works
  • How Mr. Hubbard stumbled on simple Personality
  • How the Dynamic precept of Existence—SURVIVE!—was first isolated
  • How mistaken solutions input into the brain and are held down, giving extra flawed answers
  • How there appear to be “Demons” of the mind
  • How the engram used to be discovered
  • How Dianetics ideas have been developed

That’s why Evolution of a technological know-how is the tale of the best event of all—the exploration that chanced on the Reactive brain and the expertise to beat it. He wrote it so that you may know.


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Example text

Lity of the patient himself, possessed of an optimum brain! It was very rapidly established that he had color-visio recall on anything, tone-audio recall, tone-audio and color-visio imagination and entire coordinative control. He knew when he was imagining and when he was recalling and that, too, was something he had not been able to do before. He wanted to know something. He wanted to know when the operator was going to help him get himself squared around. He had a lot of things to do. He wanted to help his wife out so she wouldn't have to support the family.

If the derived answers did not match the observed external world, since the computing circuits were inherently incapable ofproducing a wrong computation, the data used in the problem must itself be wrong. Thus, a perfect, errorless computer can use external world data to check the validity of and evaluate its own data input. Only if the computational mechanism is inherently error-proofwould this be possible. nd would. ta input/' CHAPTER FIVE Horn THE minD lUORHS -liCHAPTER / F I V E HDIU THE: minD IUDRHS How DID THE MIND WORK?

So mind is naturally separate from body. Only it isn't. A man's body can leave footprints. Those are products of the body. The products of the mind can also be viewed 40 CHAPTER FOUR Ii THE BASIC PERSONALITY " when the body is not there, but these are products of and the product ofthe object is not the object. So let's consider them a unit}'" Then the body remembers. It may coordinate its activities in a mechanism called the brain, but the fact is that the brain is also part ofthe nervous system and the nervous system extends all through the bod}'" Ifyou don't believe it, pinch yourself Then wait ten minutes and go back to the time you pinched yourself.

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