Dianetics: The Original Thesis by L. Ron Hubbard

By L. Ron Hubbard

Here is Ron’s first description of Dianetics. initially circulated in manuscript shape to a couple pals, it was once quickly copied and handed hand-to-hand till it actually rotated the globe. however the resultant notice of mouth simply fueled the hearth. With hundreds of thousands of letters inquiring for additional information, Ron concluded the single method to resolution all inquiries was once with a ebook. That ebook was once Dianetics: the fashionable technology of psychological wellbeing and fitness, now the best-ever bestseller at the brain. discover what all started all of it. For listed here are the bedrock discoveries and equations of Dianetics, including:

  • The fundamental Axioms of Dianetics—axioms upon which the whole topic is built
  • The discovery of the Dynamic precept of life that drives all existence forms—SURVIVE!
  • The 4 Dynamics in which existence is compartmented and which confirm one’s survival
  • The discovery and anatomy of the Reactive Mind
  • Engrams, the only resource of all irrational behavior
  • The strong command in each engram which avoided their discovery and dealing with ahead of Dianetics
  • The Analytical brain, its functionality and operation
  • The first description of the kingdom of transparent, its attributes and potentials
  • And, most vital, the legislation of Returning—containing the reason of either how and why auditing works

Here, then, are the basic breakthroughs Ron used to make the 1st Clears—breakthroughs which made attainable the advance of know-how to be used via each person to start the clearing of a planet, breakthroughs merely contained in Dianetics: the unique Thesis.

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The derivation of this scale is clinical and is based upon observation of engrams during work. When an engram is located and developed, the extreme range it can follow begins with apathy} develops into anger (or the various facets of antagonism), proceeds into boredom and arrives at last in cheerfulness or vanishes utterly. The Tone Scale is essentially an assignation of numerical value by which engrams and individuals can be numerically classified. It is not arbitrary, but will be found to approximate some actual governing law in nature.

The reaction of an individual's analytical mind when an engram is reactivated is justification. CHAPTBR EIGHT: THE CHARACTER OF ENGRAMS There is reason to believe that part of this survival mechanism consists of the axiom: THE ANALYZER MUST NEVER PERMIT AN INCORRECT SOLUTION. The engram brings about many incorrect solutions. The analyzer may very well become entirely involved with the attempt to discover and deliver to a society, or to itself, adequate rational reasons for the behavior of the organism.

The content of that chain will be found to be physically severe. An engram is physically painful, is conceived by the organism as an antagonistic threat to its survival and is received during the absence of the analytical power of the mind. These factors may vary within the engram so that an engram may be of minimal pain, maximal antagonism and minimal absence of the analytical power, but no engram is available to the scanners of the consciousness. ATTENTION: ONE HAS AS MUCH FUNCTIONING ANALYZER AS ONE HAS AWARENESS OF "NOW.

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