Dudes, the School is Haunted! (Rotten School, No. 7) by R. L. Stine

By R. L. Stine

Joe Sweety is the worst form of bully -- colossal, suggest, and continuously able to use his fists. Chipmunk is the shiest, clumsiest child at Rotten university. whilst Chipmunk is paired with Joe at the classification journey, issues get grotesque -- and speedy! Chipmunk spills his apple juice on Joe, he barfs on Joe, and he pulls down Joe's pants. All injuries, after all. yet does Joe care? No approach! he's out to get Chipmunk!

Bernie Bridges cannot stand to work out Chipmunk, one among his Rotten condominium men, bullied by means of sizeable, suggest Sweety. So it really is payback time -- and Bernie has a spook-tacular plan. It seems that Sweety is terrified of ghosts. Petrified! Bernie makes a decision it is time for the Haunting of Joe -- with spooky messages at the machine, eco-friendly protoplasm in his room, and a body-wrap in an eerie cocoon. Will Bernie's payback paintings? Will it scare Joe into niceness?

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Maybe Headmaster Upchuck will give you some pointers on how to keep your pants on when you’re 43 in school! ” And she dragged Joe Sweety out by one ear. At the front door, Sweety turned and waved Mr. Fist and Mr. OTHER Fist at Chipmunk. ” he shouted. Then he and Mrs. Heinie disappeared out into the rain. Chipmunk turned to me. His whole body shook. His teeth chattered. “Oh, wow,” he murmured. “I’m doomed now, Bernie. ” I put a hand under his chin and raised his head high. ” I said. ” His eyes bulged.

Heinie said. She headed back to her seat. Sweety turned back to Chipmunk. “You’re gonna have fun at your playdate,” he said. Chipmunk stared at him. ” Sweety nodded. “Yeah. With Mr. Fist and Mr. ” Thunder boomed. The bus shook. I saw a jagged bolt of lightning hit the ground outside. Rain poured down, drumming hard on the bus roof. Jennifer Ecch grabbed me. She squeezed my arms until they looked like drinking straws. ” she asked. ” I said. “Let go of me. ” She giggled. ” Lightning flashed. The rain pounded down.

You squirted The Big Sweety in the face with apple juice. Twice! Then you urrped your breakfast all over him. ” I slapped Chipmunk on the back. “AND . . ” I cried. ” Chipmunk gulped hard. His arms and legs shook like a scarecrow in the wind. ” he whispered. 45 Chapter 7 Party On, Dudes! Chipmunk was a true hero. The dude made a fool of The Big Sweety. We had to celebrate and go nuts. I invited all the guys in Rotten House to a party the next night in the Commons Room. ) How could we have a wild party with our dorm mother, Mrs.

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