Eh-pH Diagrams for Geochemistry by Douglas G. Brookins

By Douglas G. Brookins

Finally geochemists are provided one complete reference e-book which provides the Eh-pH diagrams for seventy five components present in the earth's floor surroundings, together with transuranic and different radioactive species. for every of those newly calculated diagrams brief explanatory texts are further. For the 1st time the first components are thought of in water with steel, sulfur, carbon, and different species as applicable. in addition, in response to those figures and updated thermodynamic information awarded during this reference, researchers can are expecting the habit of parts within the floor atmosphere. Geoscientists, chemists and environmental organisations also will make the most of numerous short texts at the significance of assorted parts to difficulties of radioactive waste disposal.

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80~--~---4~--~6----~--~--~--~ pH Fig. 24. Eh-pH diagram for part of the system Zn-O-H-S-C. The assumed activities for dissolved species are: Zn = 10- 6, -4, C = 10-3, S = 10- 3• See text for discussion 55 CADMIUM The Eh-pH diagram for cadmium species is shown in Fig. 25. The thermodynamic data for important cadmium species are given in Thble 23. The Eh-pH diagram for the system Cd-C-S-O-H (Fig. 25) is fairly similar to that for the system Zn-O-H-S-C (Fig. 24) which is to be suspected based on their geochemical similarities.

1982) et aI. (1982) et aI. 2 .. 8 L-____ o ~ 2 ____-L_____ L_ _ _ _ 4 IS ~ ____ 8 ~~ 10 _ _ _ _L __ _ 12 ~ 14 pH Fig. 25. Eh-pH diagram for part of the system Cd-C-S-O-H. The assumed activities for dissolved species are: Cd = to- 8 , C = to- 3 , S = to- 3 • See text for discussion 57 MERCURY The Eh-pH diagram for mercury species is shown in Fig. 26. The thermodynamic data for important mercury species are given in Table 24. Mercury species in the system Hg-S-O-H are shown by solid lines in Fig.

20 the stability fields as a function of pH are plotted. Under acidic conditions, Al is soluble as Al 3+ or AlOH2 +, although only Al 3+ is shown for convenience. 3, aqueous AlOi occurs. 25. Table 18. Thermodynamic data for aluminum Species (state) LlG? 89 Wagman Wagman Wagman Wagman Abbreviations see Table 1 46 et et et et a1. al. a1. a1. 2 ... o ,... 6 2 14 Fig. 20. Eh-pH diagram for part of the system AI-O-H. The assumed activity of dissolved AI = 10- 4, -6. See text for discussion 47 GALLIUM The Eh-pH diagram for gallium species is shown in Fig.

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