Emotion in Motion   by Lynne Connolly

By Lynne Connolly

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She wrapped her legs around his waist, squeezing him with her thighs, urging him deeper, harder. But Jack withdrew, held off and entered her at a different angle, lifting higher to keep his balance. He gave a series of hard, shallow thrusts that touched her sweet spot with every stroke. He must have read her responses, discovered it that way. Clever Jack, she thought as she went mindless and cried his name, clutching his biceps to anchor herself. She heard his cry and opened her eyes to meet his gaze.

She wanted it now. His gaze locked with hers until, at the last possible moment, he leaned forward and licked the very tip. ” 43 Lynne Connolly His tongue wove a pattern over her nipple, tantalizing it with touches to different nerve endings, making her feel every single one. It sparked a line through her breasts, to the very center of her being. As if he were playing an instrument, only the instrument was her. She thrust her breasts toward him in offering. He accepted, releasing her nipple with his fingers so he could suck it into the hot, wet depths of his mouth.

If Shere decided she wanted the bed to herself, he could sleep on the wide sofa, obviously intended as an extra bed. ” He glanced at Shere, who nodded. ” It said a great deal that the manager hadn’t demurred about complimentary rooms or given them any kind of disparaging comment or look, despite their unkempt appearances. Not that Jack cared if he billed Mickey for the suite. Serve the bastard right. He watched Shere flop on the bed. ” He hadn’t forgotten the dark-haired devil who’d entered the dining room just before they left.

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