Emperors and Gladiators by Thomas Wiedemann

By Thomas Wiedemann

Of all elements of Roman tradition, the gladiatorial contests for which the Romans equipped their amphitheatres are immediately the main attention-grabbing and the main tricky for us to return to phrases with. they've been obvious variously as sacrifices to the gods or, at funerals, to the souls of the deceased; as a mechanism for introducing younger Romans to the horrors of scuffling with; and as a right away replacement for struggle after the imposition of peace.
In this unique and authoritative research, Thomas Wiedemann argues that gladiators have been a part of the legendary fight of order and civilisation opposed to the forces of nature, barbarism and legislations breaking, representing the opportunity of a go back to new lifestyles from the purpose of dying; that Christian Romans rejected gladiatorial video games now not on humanitarian grounds, yet simply because they have been a rival illustration of a potential resurrection.

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In antiquity, so far as we can tell, this building was used for games and public spectacles. If members of the elite, from emperors to provincial worthies, were prepared to invest such enormous resources in gladiatorial displays as a means of winning favour with the people, then that implied that such shows were indeed popular with at least considerable sections of the population throughout the Roman empire. The evidence for that is overwhelming. Historical sources note that emperors who were unwilling to give games, like Tiberius, were unpopular as a direct result, while those who did, like Tiberius’ successor Caligula, won great popularity, if only temporarily.

98 The considerable research devoted to the Etruscans during this century has made them rather less alien and ‘mysterious’. It has reinforced the doubts, already voiced in antiquity, about the contribution of any significant immigration from the eastern Mediterranean (as opposed to cultural borrowing) to central Italy’s development from the Villanovan bronze age to the Etruscan iron age. 99 If some Romans thought that certain aspects of their gladiatorial culture originated with the Etruscans, this was a moral statement rather than a historical one, and has to be seen in terms of the symbolic significance of ‘Etruria’ as a moral category in Roman thought.

Although certainly fictitious, the account shows how such spectacles were occasions for demonstrating the power which the triumphator had exercised on behalf of Rome over exotic and distant peoples, just as in the days of Metellus Pius. The display of outlandish and expensive animals was one way in which the editores of gladiatorial munera could prove how much wealth they were putting at the disposal of their people. Another was the use of precious metals: in the funeral games for his father which Caesar put on as aedile, all the equipment used in the arena was made of silver.

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