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During this booklet best students give a contribution complete reports of the non secular events within the overdue 18th and nineteenth centuries: the Hassidic pursuits in Judaism, the Mormon faith, in Christianity, and the Bābī-Bahā'ī faiths in Shī'te Islam. The stories, brought by way of the editor's research of the underlying universal resource of this spiritual task, lead the reader right into a wealthy global of messianism, millenniarism and eschatological proposal fueling the serious glossy advancements within the 3 significant monotheistic religions.

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1. Aramaic: Aramaic fragments of 1 Enoch were found at Qumran and have been recently published, together with a major study of the text and history of 1 Enoch. 2. Ethiopic: As has been indicated above, the complete version of 1 Enoch is preserved only in Ethiopic. Below are a list of five major and important manuscripts, one of which (A) has been utilized as the base text of the present English translation, and another of which (C) has been used very extensively in the same work: A. Kebran 9/II (Hammerschmidt—Tdnasee 9/II); fifteenth century.

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