Eucaryotic Gene Regulation by Richard Axel (Eds.)

By Richard Axel (Eds.)

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And cells to switch mating types. The mutation has also been shown to be in a different complementation group than HO. _g. ji'Va) and heterozygous for HO and the mutation can switch mating type loci to become a/ja. A mutation with similar properties (swil-1) has been reported by Garvik and Haber [ 2 2 ] , but it is not known if the mutation in 6B34 and swil-1 are in the same gene. 3. Mutations affecting HMa and HMa. Strain 2B17 has an ! a mating behavior despite carrying HO. When crossed to an + a hma HMa HO spore, 29 of 30 tetrads gave 2 D i p and 2 D i p " f a ' segregants.

Coli auxotrophs ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ) . However, the number of genes that can be isolated by their expression in E . coli is limited. Molecular clones can also be identified by in situ hybridization with a purified RNA (5,6,7,8). We have recently developed an extension of this approach called differential plaque filter hybridization ( 9 ) . RNA prepared from two different states of a cell can be used to isolate differentially expressed genomic sequences. By using RNA purified from cells grown on galactose and other carbon sources, we have isolated sequences which are specifically induced with galactose.

And Oshima, Y. (1976). Genetics 84, 437. 12. I. I. (1973). Genetika 9, 82. 13. , Nögi, Y. and Oshima, Y. (1974). Genetics 77, 639. 14. S. and Fogel, S. (1977). Genetics 85, 407. 15. S. , and MacLeod, K. (1979). Genetics (in press). 16. , Blair, L. and Herskowitz, I. (1979). " (in preparation). 17. C. (1963). Genetics 48, 1727. 18. Rabin, M. (1970). Mating type mutations obtained from "rare matings" of cells of like mating type. S. Thesis, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. 19. , and Jimenez, A.

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