Experiencing Ritual: A New Interpretation of African Healing by Edith Turner, William Blodgett, Singleton Kahona, Fideli

By Edith Turner, William Blodgett, Singleton Kahona, Fideli Benwa

Experiencing Ritual is Edith Turner's account of the way she sighted a spirit shape whereas partaking within the Ihamba ritual of the Ndembu. via her research, she offers a view now not universal in anthropological writings—the view of hundreds of thousands of Africans—that ritual is the harnessing of religious power.

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I was fit and decided to go; a friend supplied me with her son as helper-greater love hath no woman than this, for he seemed to become a fifth son of my own, although I didn't look after him very well. Bill worked and starved alongside of me, ending the trip with a horrendous attack of malaria and trichinosis. I had read a good deal about the changes in Zambia before embarlung on the fieldwork, and I knew that initiations had gone downhill, and heard of the nationalization of the distributive industry.

They lifted it out and carved it into a house shape, a cube, and put it into the basket (Figure 8). It was going to be placed at the base of the chishinga shrine pole and would become the grave for ihamba, that is, of the dead hunter who was troubling the patient in the form of ihamba as spirit. I told Fideli I knew that in the old days the body of a hunter would be buried sitting upright, with many small termite towers heaped around his The Medicine Quest for the First Ihamba 41 Figure 7. Cutting the chishinga shrine pole, 1951.

Called Singleton, demanding beer, then went off on his mysterious errand for medicine. Fideli separated all the roots, leaves, and bark into different piles and proceeded to cut the bark into small pieces, save for the mukosu bark lid which he put aside. " asked Etina. Snodia (DII,Nyakanjata's middle-aged daughter, who was named for a church synod) then told a qq The Medlcine Quest for the First Ihamba child to go and fetch it, along with a mortar. Fideli started shoving medlcine roots into a pot wholesale.

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