Fear the Survivors (The Fear Saga, Book 2) by Stephen Moss

By Stephen Moss

The earth lies shaken within the aftermath of a conspiracy. a few of the smartest minds on the earth have striven for and died so as to scour the skies of 4 big alien satellites, yet their good fortune has introduced a poor vengeance down upon us.

While alien brokers stalk the earth, a crew of exhausted scientists and armed forces outcasts fight to struggle them among a planet at the breaking point. the edge of plague, the threshold of struggle, and the threshold of an invasion greater than they could very likely think.

But they've got allies. of the alien brokers have forsaken their houses, their households, their very species to prevent the best act of genocide any of them has ever recognized. John and Shahim have nice skills. they bring about with them the data we have to store humanity and take us right into a new and remarkable age.

But Lana and the remainder enemy brokers are faraway from defeated. As they start to harvest havoc one of the diseased and bereft, Neal, Ayala, and Barrett needs to have the option to accomplish the very unlikely, via reasonable ability or foul they have to unite the world’s disparate international locations. and so they needs to achieve this fast, for the Armada is quick coming near near, and at the back of the good fires in their decelerating engines, the massive fleet is readying itself for warfare.

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