Freak by Ron Sanders

By Ron Sanders

A shadow haunts the sunny streets of Venice seashore, operating his approach via the entire girls and valuables he can deal with. to date he is been fortunate. yet an excessive amount of of an excellent factor makes a guy careless; he will get sloppy, he shall we down his defend. From extraordinary arrest to explosive end, Freak is a wild rollercoaster of a journey, that includes very unlikely escapes, a dizzying manhunt, and a gothic mini-movie of a court confession, in which you are going to meet the genuine Nicolas Vilenov, slippery opportunist and soulless predator, bogeyman of one thousand suppressed goals.

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The old man walked barefoot on a path of inlaid bricks, taking long pauses between steps. When he reached the backyard he stopped dead. His eyes ran over the house, finally resting on the wide-open bathroom window. Phelps removed his trench coat and placed it carefully on the ground. He was now wearing only his dirty old long johns. From under his left arm he gently extracted a filthy torn pillowcase containing an ancient baseball bat, a cheap plastic flashlight, a rusty pair of handcuffs, and a ratty length of rope.

Fred Mars padded out with two more tall frosty Buds. “Thank you so very much, Larry, but you don’t owe me a thing. I’m just glad to be enjoying your company on this beautiful summer day. ” He placed the cans on coasters and nodded politely. ” He was dawdling with his beer, wait46 Freak ing for Mars to move along with his own. The old man took painfully slow, delicate sips. But the attorney knew Mars’s age would work against him. Abram popped open his new can and took it easy. He already had a buzz on, and the gorgeous day almost demanded he drink deeply.

Phelps spent less than a second verifying the sleeping 57 Phelps man’s identity. He switched the flashlight on and off, carefully removed it from his mouth, set it between his knees. Guided only by that brief look, he yanked the pillowcase over Vilenov’s head and brought the bat down with all his force. The woman sat up screaming bloody murder. Ignoring her, Phelps pulled the rope tight around Vilenov’s neck and savagely knotted it at the back. He flipped his limp prisoner over and slapped on the cuffs, all the while speaking patiently to the woman shrieking almost in his lap.

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