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Studies in Modern Religions, Religious Movements and the Babi-Baha'I Faiths (Studies in the History of Religions) (Numen Books: Studies in the History of Religions)

During this publication top students give a contribution entire reviews of the non secular hobbies within the past due 18th and nineteenth centuries: the Hassidic hobbies in Judaism, the Mormon faith, in Christianity, and the Bābī-Bahā'ī faiths in Shī'te Islam. The experiences, brought by means of the editor's research of the underlying universal resource of this spiritual task, lead the reader right into a wealthy global of messianism, millenniarism and eschatological proposal fueling the serious smooth advancements within the 3 significant monotheistic religions.

African American Literacies

African-American Literacies is a private, public and political exploration of the issues confronted through pupil writers from the African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) tradition. Drawing on own adventure, Elaine Richardson presents a compelling account of the language and literacy practices of African-American scholars.

Crisis of Conscience

Synopsis The tendency of non secular authority to hunt to dominate instead of serve, and the fight of these who desire to hinder the erosion in their God-given freedom of moral sense -- those shape the guts of the very own and candid account in challenge of sense of right and wrong. The scene of fight is in the club of a particular faith: Jehovah's Witnesses.

A Lost History of the Baha'i Faith: The Progressive Tradition of Baha'u'llah's Forgotten Family

Within the mid 1800s, a Persian nobleman in exile claimed to be a brand new messenger of God. He known as himself Baha'u'llah ("The Glory of God") and taught that every one countries, races, and religions may still come jointly to construct an international civilization of peace and justice for all. Baha'u'llah's innovative teachings have encouraged hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide.

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In the character of a Master Mason, you are authorized to correct the errors and irregularities of your uninformed brethren, and to guard them against a breach of fidelity. To preserve the reputation of the fraternity unsullied, must be your constant care; and for this purpose it is your province to recommend to your inferiors obedience and submission; to your equals, courtesy and affability; to your superiors, kindness and condescension. Universal benevolence you are always to inculcate; and, by the regularity of your own behavior, afford the best example for the conduct of others less informed.

Your good inclination to Masonry and this lodge will induce you to discharge the important duties of your office with fidelity, and by so doing you will merit the esteem and applause of your Brethren. The Master, having announced his appointments, the Marshal is directed to conduct the remaining officers to the East; and, having received their official obligation, they are severally presented to the Installing Officer. CHAPLAIN. MY BROTf[ER:You are appointed Chaplain of this lodge, and I invest you with this jewel.

When the Grand Master, or the Deputy, joins a lodge procession, he should be placed immediately in front of the Master and Wardens, and two Deacons and a Sword Bearer should be appointed to attend him: a Grand Warden should be assigned the sarne position and be attended by two Deacons: but if such Grand Officer has charge of the ceremonies, he should be posted immediately in the rear of the Master. These forms of processions may be used by the Grand, or a subordinate lodge, on all public occasions, for which a form is not specially laid down.

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