Fresh Water from Saline Waters: The Political, Social, by Philip Sporn

By Philip Sporn

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Remember, this assumes a 10 per cent fixed charge, capital charge. 3. N o w , this is still too costly for general use. Certainly, it is too costly for general agricultural use, which needs water from the 5/ to 10/ range. It may not be too costly for domestic and industrial use. 4. T o make further progress, the problem needs to be attacked on two fronts. For the immediate future, we need to reduce capital costs. I have just discussed this with you. For this, we need in water the equivalent of a Dresden or a Yankee A t o m i c installation in atomic power.

W e say—and everybody in the world has said—when you FRESH WATER FROM SALINE WATERS 23 put these together you won't penalize power, but neither will we give it any o f the benefit o f the integrated operation. Therefore, w e start out and say that w e will allocate the 78 per cent rejected heat between power and desalination in the combined cycle, in the same ratio as the useful heats. 8 per cent to power. With this w e have equated the thermal efficiencies o f both operations at 22 per cent. T h e 22 per cent thermal efficiency for power is no i m p r o v e ment.

2 million. 8 million as the total capital cost o f the water plant. 8 million is for the water plant proper. 8 million for the independent power plant cost, so we have a difference o f $40 million, and this represents the power plant cost chargeable to the water distillation plant. Water, as I have pointed out, is given all the benefits from combining it with power. B u t it is charged with all the legitimate debits also. 8 million. Fixed charges are figured at 10 per cent. 38 million per year.

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