Fuel Economy of the Gasoline Engine: Fuel, Lubricant and by D.R. Blackmore, Alun Thomas

By D.R. Blackmore, Alun Thomas

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J Vl z -----· 0 u _j UJ ::J u. 0164 I) D. R. 0026C0 Av 2 + GW v where CR aJld C 0 are the coefficients of rolling resistance and drag, W is the gross vehicle weight, lbf, A is the frontal area, ft 2 , v is the speed, mile/h, and G is the gradient. 808GM where M is the gross vehicle weight, kgf, A' is the frontal area, m 2 , and Sis the speed, km/h. 019) and decreases as the tyre pressure is increased. 5, and, because this term is proportional to v2 , small design changes in vehicle body shape will very sensitively affect fuel economy at high speeds.

No. 812A (1964) A. E. Cleveland and I. N. Bishop. Fuel economy. Soc. Automat. Eng. , No. 150A(1960) Also in Soc. Automat. Eng. , 68 (August 1960) 27 W. S. Jones. Some factors in gasoline economy. Soc. Automat. Eng. Quart. , 3 (1944) 516 DuPont Tech. , No. 8026 (December 1974) F. M. Strange. An analysis of the ideal Otto cycle. Soc. Automat. Eng. Tech. , No. 7,Digital Calculations of Engine Cycles (1964) 92 D. F. Caris and R. A. Richardson. Engine-transmission relationship for higher efficiency.

2 1 I 6 \ II o 5 rev/mon ~3200 ? A\ 0 400) 600 ~~ I 1200 11 I ~~2000 _g- ;9: II Ill ill \ I I \ \ \ \ \ \ \ ' \ -~ \ j\·. ' \ '' \ I __. 1 \ ' 4000 rev/min ', .... '-... , "'::::- D .......... 1 Transmission EYficiency and Design Ratios It has long been known that significant benefits in fuel economy can be achieved by making modifications to the gearing. Caris and Richardson 1 7 in 1953 stated that 'the transmission should in effect act as a moderator to keep the engine always operating at its best efficiency to develop the required power'.

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