Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist by Bill Ayers

By Bill Ayers

Invoice Ayers used to be born into privilege and is at the present time a hugely revered educator. within the past due Sixties he used to be a tender pacifist who helped to discovered the most radical political organisations in U.S. heritage, the elements Underground. In a brand new period of antiwar activism and suppression of protest, his tale, Fugitive Days, is extra poignant and proper than ever.

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And then there is Mom’s voice, my whole upbringing, the genetic gift. Where we lived, it’s true, the grass was always green, the moms were always smiling, and seldom was heard a discouraging word—the skies were not cloudy all day. Our kitchen was sparkling: white cabinets and countertops, gleaming linoleum and Formica, white-bread sandwiches with Velveeta cheese and lunch meat. Our house was all electric and you could practically hear it humming: electric garage door and stove, electric water heater and garbage disposal.

Get the fuck out of there. I didn’t feel like a nerd, but the other two. Well, I took his point. I quit the fraternity and, a few months later, quit school altogether. Mom cried on the phone, but Dad thought a little time off was OK if I did something productive and gathered some life lessons to apply later on. Life lessons, I repeated. Right. That week Ruthie Stein took me to my first picket line at a pizza joint on North Main called Angie’s, where Vincent, Angie’s husband and manager, had a nasty habit of refusing to seat Black people—For you, take-out only, he would say—and we ringed the entrance, chanting slogans we’d heard on the news from the South and singing freedom songs.

Reverend Star was famous locally for linking arms with Reverend King and Andrew Young and Ralph Abernathy, for marching in Montgomery and Birmingham, for bringing the activism of the South back home to Detroit. I hoped he could help me find a connection to the movement, and though he’d been rushed on the phone, he had granted me an audience, and here I was. I felt like a complete jerk waiting in the large entryway while throngs of young people, Black and white, rushed purposefully in and out from the offices in the rear, carrying leaflets or newsletters, exchanging hurried bits of news or instruction.

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