Full Moon Dreams by Lori Handeland

By Lori Handeland

Warned to belief not anyone after a chain of suspicious deaths, circus performer Emmaline Monroe is not able to withstand her emotions for good-looking stranger Johnny Bradfordini, who hides a perilous mystery.

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His head snapped to the side, his gaze fixing upon the trees once more. The tension returned, killing any revelations Peter might have been about to make. "Teufel," Peter muttered. John frowned. Their father had immigrated from Italy, their mother from Sweden, but in Wisconsin there were enough German immigrants for John to understand his share of the language. Teufel meant demon. "Stay here," Peter snapped, tightening his clasp on the rifle and stalking toward the woods. John shook his head. Why did Peter behave as if the howl had been uttered by the devil incarnate?

Never before had she wished for yards of petticoats and a breath-killing corset upon her person. She did now. "How very enlightening," he said with a small smile. " With a nod, the man started off toward the cook tent. Page 37 Before she could stop herself, Emma called after him. "I had the impression you were looking for me, Mr.  " "Johnny," he said shortly. "And no, I wasn't looking for you.  " His gaze drifted over her body, male appreciation in his eyes. Emma fought the urge to cover her breasts with her arms.

Franz Gerhardt stepped into the middle of the platform. The crowd, composed of Gerhardt Circus performers, turned their attention to their leader. Emmaline Monroe, accustomed to the melodrama inherent in her grandfather, did not react as the rest of the crowd did to his words, with gasps of fear and mumbles of apprehension. Instead, she watched and listened and kept her disbelief to herself. At a gesture from the old man, the crowd fell silent. " The people shifted and shuffled with unease, glancing up at the sky, then away.

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