Functional Metallosupramolecular Materials (Smart Materials by John George Hardy, Felix H Schacher, Hans-Jorg Schneider,

By John George Hardy, Felix H Schacher, Hans-Jorg Schneider, Mohsen Shahinpoor, Andrew Smith, Hanadi Sleiman, Vivian Yam, George Newkome, Alaa Abd-El-Aziz, Markus Gallei, Simon Humphrey, Giuseppina Pace, Mihail Barboiu, Leroy Cronin, A Prasanna de Silva, Suz

There is excellent curiosity in metallosupramolecular fabrics due to their use in magnetic, photonic and digital fabrics. Functional Metallosupramolecular Materials specializes in the functions of those fabrics protecting the chemistry underlying the synthesis of numerous ligands to coordinate a number of steel ions and the new release of 2nd and 3D fabrics in response to those constructs.

The e-book begins by way of taking a look at various metallosupramolecular structures together with obviously happening practical metallosupramolecular fabrics; DNA-based metallosupramolecular fabrics; metallopolymers; metallogels in addition to sensible fabrics in line with MOFs. next chapters then systematically conceal the various functions akin to molecular computation, spin-crossover, mild harvesting and as photocatalysts for the creation of sun fuels.

The publication presents an summary of useful metallosupramolecular fabrics that would be of curiosity to graduate scholars, teachers and commercial chemists attracted to supramolecular chemistry, fabrics technological know-how and the fabrics applications.

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In the following sections, we will outline the metallation and functionalization of DNA by intercalation, the association of metallosupramolecular structures with DNA, and some examples of metal complexes attached to DNA as structural building blocks. 1 Metallointercalators Metallointercalators are an interesting class of metal complexes that can be arranged using DNA templates. Intercalators are molecules that insert into the DNA double helix by π-stacking with the base pairs. They should be View Online 16:00:26.

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